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We are an innovative and highly motivated team of coaches and experts waiting to serve our valued customers.

Lovelady Credit Repair serves people who want to gain the credit score they’ve always wanted. We’re the best credit repair company to help you achieve credit worthiness if you’re struggling with a poor credit score and want a quick fix. We understand your struggle. You are not sure how credit scores really work, so how could you see improvements, if you can do anything about it at all – right? We mend or restore your credit by addressing negative items from your list. Gain back your control over finances starting today for a brighter future.

Meet the Owner

Shawva Lovelady

My name is Shawva Lovelady and my story is simple, “Bad Things Happens to Good People” and this is the reason why I started Lovelady Credit Repair. I had excellent credit until I had a major accident years ago and was unable to work for 6 months. My excellent credit took a turn for the worst and plummeted. It was challenging to straighten my credit out and build it back up. However, I am elated that I am now able to apply for credit and receive some of the lowest and greatest interest rates on the market and never have to think about getting turned down. The satisfaction I found during the whole process compelled me to make the same difference in other people’s lives, by providing my service to them.


To provide industry-leading credit repair services, enabling our clients to achieve the financial freedom they desire on every level of their finances.


To educate all our clients on how to avoid credit downturns and pitfalls in the future.

We know you deserve better. Get the help you need to fix your credit. Phone us now and get started.

Stop getting declined. Gain back control over housing, car loans, credit cards, and more! If you’re struggling with a poor credit score and want a quick solution in Texas, then we are the best credit repair company to help you achieve creditworthiness. We serve to help people meet their credit score goals and gain what they’ve always wanted. We fix your credit by addressing and removing inaccurate negative items from the credit bureaus.